WEST HOLLYWOOD—As of Friday, May 1, a local citizen-led campaign called, “The West Hollywood Close the Loopholes Initiative”, has received the required number of verified signatures to place their proposed amendments on the Nov. 3 ballot. The mission of the initiative is to align local law with state law and combine medical use and adult use business licenses to form one cannabis retail license.

In addition to the sale of cannabis the initiative addresses issues involving consumption lounges. Just like dispensaries, lounges are required to choose between two different licenses. Lounges may either obtain an edible license or a smoking and vaping license. Amendments proposed in the initiative would combine these into one license which would allow both types of consumption in a lounge.

Now it is up to the city council to decide on whether to adopt the amendments, place them on the ballot, or request a study on the impact of the initiative. This topic is listed on the agenda of the Monday, May 4, city council meeting. For more information on the meeting and how to tune in please visit here.

In January 2019 two Assembly Bills, 3067 and 1793, were passed in California. These bills sought to align state cannabis business laws with the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. It eliminated the distinction between medical use business licenses and adult use business licenses. This meant that a dispensary who held only a medical use license could now serve customers buying cannabis for adult use and vice versa.

Currently West Hollywood still distributes separate business licenses, medical and adult use. These licenses are permanent which means no medical licensed dispensary can serve an adult use customer and vice versa. Medical cannabis makes up less than 3% of overall cannabis retail sales in West Hollywood while adult use makes up the rest.

This initiative was a collaboration effort involving local dispensaries, citizens, businesses, and cannabis patients. To find out more information about the initiative or contact the businesses involved please visit,


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