Llerrem-Illinois had its third zoning request for a craft marijuana growing facility in Streator recommended for approval Tuesday.

This time, the company proposed a craft growing facility for a lot east of Illinois Street and south of 12th Street, near the Norfolk Southern railroad line. 

Llerrem had zoning requests approved to grow medical marijuana at the 600 block of Hickory Street and at John and Joe Florist on West Main Street. The 12th Street lot will be rezoned to M-1 from agriculture if Llerrem’s application is approved by the state.

The state will award up to 40 marijuana craft growing licenses on or before July 1. By Dec. 21, the state will issue up to 60 additional licenses. Craft growers produce marijuana on a smaller scale. No sales take place at these facilities.

Llerrem has said its goal is to find ways cannabis can be used as a medical solution, rather than as a recreational drug.

Llerrem CEO Paul Magelli said the idea behind getting three lots approved through the city makes the odds better that one of the applications is approved through the state.

“We have conditional release and purchase agreements with the current owners of the properties we’ve applied for,” Magelli said. “If these applications don’t go through, the property goes back to the original property owners. If we, by some minor miracle get all three, we’d be open for business at all three locations. We are expecting to have one granted, possibly two.”

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