The Russellville City Council voted 5-3 to not conduct the second reading of an ordinance that would prohibit the retail sale of recreational marijuana during its regular meeting Thursday at City Hall.

The ordinance stated it would prohibit the retail sale should the state legalize recreational marijuana but remain illegal under federal law.

“I believe this ordinance, if passed at this point in time, would be in conflict with state law,” City Attorney Trey Smith said. “A court would rule it is invalid.”

Voting for the second reading were Rick Harrell, Shawn Harris and Phyllis Carruth. Voting against the second reading were Mark Tripp, Chris Olson, Eric Westcott, Larry Brown and Justin Keller.

Council members approved special use permits for an auto sales, repair and towing business in a C-2 located at 3616 E. Main St., and to operate a tire installation store in a C-2, located at East Parkway Drive.

An ordinance establishing a review of plumbing plans within the city limits was read one time by title only with a short description and approved. The emergency clause was enacted making the ordinance a law immediately.

The council read for the third time by title only with a short description and adopted an ordinance vacating and abandoning the south 15 feet of East C Street, the east 10 feet of North Detroit Avenue, along Lots 5 and 6, Block 21, J.L. Addition.

Aldermen read for the second time an ordinance rezoning property located at 4109 W. Main St. from R-1 (Single Family Residential) to C-2 (Highway Commercial) to allow a small family business.

Finance Committee items approved by the City Council:

June 2020 expenses for Arkansas Valley Alliance in the amount of $7,311.95.

Second-quarter expenses for the Boys and Girls Club of the Arkansas River Valley in the amount of $15,607.67.

Second-quarter expenses for Main Street Russellville in the amount of $15,000.

Appropriation of $17,313.75 to purchase CivicRec software for Recreation and Parks.

Appropriation of $33,940 to purchase two batwing mowers for Recreation and Parks.

Transfer of $69,000 from airport budget to general fund, from FAA grant.

Appropriation of $21,231.02 to purchase three scoreboards for Hickey Park Fields 2, 3 and 4.

Appropriation of $3,200 to purchase interior glass doors for an office at the Aquatic Center.

Appropriation of $5,900 for community fireworks display from Recreation and Parks.


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