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My Marijuana Portfolio 2018 – My Investing Portfolio in the stock market

My video finally got 100 likes so here it is like promised ! my marijuana portfolio. I also showed you guys a few steps i went through to get to this point including a couple red days

The day when I finally reveal to you my marijuana portfolio. But wait theres more. Not only am I going to show you my marijuana portfolio I’m also going to walk you through pretty much every step my portfolio has been through and I will show you it hasn’t always been green days with my companies up over 100% there has been some very dark times ! Times when I was down over $20,000 I was showing some friends and joking arout it if i ever reached -25000 ill make a video of how I lost 25k in the stock market. Which unfortunately my portfolio never got that low because one morning I woke up and canopy was bought out by constellation brands and thats when the bull market in the marijuana industry started and at that time I had 52k invested and slowly but surely I started collecting profits

Disclaimer -The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice.


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