MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – A new marijuana dispensary has opened its doors in Muskegon Township.

It is the first of what will be seven in the township, which passed two ordinances approving the growth and sale of medicinal and recreational marijuana in October.

Cloud Cannabis, owned by Oak Flint, LLC, held a soft launch on Thursday morning at its location at 2190 Whitehall Road, where it will serve both medical and recreational users.

The store was supposed to open last month, but was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Mike Berro, a spokesman for the company.

For now, shoppers can only order online for curbside pickup, he said. The shop sells flower, edibles, concentrates, vape carts, tinctures, and waxes.

The building is about 75 percent completed, Berro said. He could not confirm how much renovation work has gone into the former 750 Grill building. Oak Flint owner John McLeod previously told township trustees that the company would spend up to $500,000 on renovating the building and landscaping.

Between 15 and 20 employees have been hired for the store, of whom about 12 to 16 are local, Berro said. Managers who are not residents are in the process of moving to the area, he added.

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The Livonia-based Oak Flint has applied for licenses in a number of communities across the state, including Lansing and Flint, according to public records, and has been approved for multiple operations in Grand Rapids.

The company was the first of two to receive marijuana dispensary licenses from the township in December. Three more were approved in January, and the final two were approved on April 20.

Eventually, seven provisioning centers will open in the township’s core business districts along Apple Avenue, Laketon Avenue, Whitehall Road and Holton Road. Grow operations have also been approved in the township.

The final list of approved dispensaries in Muskegon Township is as follows:

  • 2190 Whitehall Road, owned by Oak Flint
  • 1249 E. Laketon Ave., owned by Main Street Products
  • 1965 Holton Road, owned by Warren Elite
  • 1401 and 1403 Apple Ave, owned by NoBo Michigan
  • 3737 E. Apple Ave., owned by Main Street Products
  • 2345 E. Apple Ave., owned by Green Peak Industries
  • 1446 Holton Road, owned by Warren Elite

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