FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After a successful showing at May’s historic all-virtual ECRM conference, Kentucky based CBD company, PHARM CBD plans to expand their product sales into the United States retail market. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) conference is an opportunity for established and emerging brands to meet with retailers in their field, in the hopes of having their products sold through some of the largest online and in-store sellers in the United States.

Last month’s ECRM program on Healthy Living, Vitamin and Nutrition has been a unique event, since social distancing procedures required the conference to be held entirely online. The sudden challenge in meeting format has drawn attention to brands who are able to adapt, and demonstrate significant tech-literacy, in what can be called the new age of business to business marketing.

Throughout the conference, representatives of PHARM CBD met with some of the biggest names in retail throughout the United States in a fast-paced virtual format, giving each company only a limited time to impress prospective buyers. But despite the obstacles of adjusting to the rapid-fire buying style, PHARM CBD successfully landed a host of new contacts in the retail world.

One of PHARM CBD’s biggest strengths while shopping their products around to new buyers is their strict adherence to quality and potency standards. Not only does PHARM CBD test all of their products through ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, but incredibly, PHARM CBD’s products were found to have such consistent levels of potency, that these laboratories now use PHARM CBD products as the control group for all other CBD testing.

Buyers looking to invest in new companies also appreciate PHARM’s model of “seed to sale” production. Unlike other CBD companies that source their ingredients far and wide, PHARM grows and processes their own hemp, and packages their products themselves. This allows a higher level of control and quality assurance not found in larger companies who need to rely on a thinly spread supply chain.

Another advantage of this “tight ship” manufacturing model is that all of PHARM’s products ship at an impressively fast rate as compared to their competition. Rather than waiting weeks after receiving a sales order, PHARM is able to get their products out to customers at a rapid pace, because their production is streamlined and their company is all family-owned and operated, ensuring the greatest level of knowledge and consistency with every element of their process.

Buyers from the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing conference have only had a brief encounter with this CBD company, but it seems to have made an impact as PHARM prepares to continue their 2020 expansion both online and in-stores across the United States.

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