There are various types of containers or pots for growing cannabis. Depending on how you grow, where you grow, and what type of containers you use, you will yield different results one way or another. Each pot is different, with some having characteristics that make them unique, like how the cannabis’ roots grow in those pots or how airy they are.

When it comes to choosing which pot is perfect for your cannabis, some questions need to be addressed first:

  • Which container or pot will best serve the needs of your plant?
  • How much time can you provide to maintain the growth of your plants?
  • How much space do you have indoor or in your garden?

For best results, you must ensure that your cannabis roots have sufficient access to:

  • Water – to have healthy plants, water retention is a must. Make sure that you provide your roots with enough access to proper drainage to reduce the risk of damage and death.
  • Oxygen – just like most living organisms, your cannabis roots also require oxygen to properly function. More oxygen to the roots equals faster and healthier growth.
  • Nutrients – for nutrient absorption to occur, your cannabis roots require the best possible condition. This includes optimal temperature, available nutrients, and pH balance.

Types of Containers for Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants can adapt to the type of pots or containers used, which means that the growth of your plants will depend on which one you use. If you have a square pot, your plant will grow out in a square shape. Similarly, if your pot is taller, you will likely end up with a taller plant.

Here are several common pots used and its pros and cons:

Traditional Plastic Containers

For those on a budget, standard plastic containers are a common choice. Though they are affordable, they still provide the basic essentials for your plants.


  • It has cheap overhead costs
  • It has solid drainage and easy to add extra holes
  • It is easy to transplant


  • It may face airflow issues, depending on the growth medium
  • It cannot protect the roots from fluctuations of the temperature
  • It lacks the durability which can result in cracks and structural damage

Ceramic Containers

Also known as terra-cotta, ceramic containers are ideal for growers living in hot-climate areas.


  • It is ideal for anchoring larger plants due to its heavyweight
  • It retains lower temperatures and absorbs moisture during hot weather


  • It is difficult to transport
  • It has a less-than-optimal drainage system

Fabric Containers

Fabric pots are relatively new discoveries in container gardening. They offer many benefits when it comes to healthy root system enhancement.


  • It increases airflow to the roots
  • It promotes denser and healthy root composition
  • It has an excellent drainage system for carefully-maintained gardens


  • It is difficult to support the plant due to its shaky structure
  • It needs more maintenance and attention since the pots tend to dry out quickly (larger pots can be used to help slow dry-out)

Air Pots

Air pots also apply the same method of air pruning like the fabric pots. However, air pots are stronger and sturdier since they are made of more durable materials.


  • It has excellent airflow and drainage
  • It has perforations that allow them to better catch and prune roots


  • It can be more expensive due to the complex design and materials used
  • It needs more care and watering than any other standard containers

The decision on what pot to use for your cannabis plants is mostly based on maintenance. Some containers require less maintenance, while others need a little more watering and monitoring. It all boils down to how much time you can spend nurturing your garden daily.

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