Cannabis seeds can be easily damaged if not kept in the best condition. Once planted, the growth of your cannabis will depend on how you take care of and preserve their seeds before germination. Cannabis seeds are natural products, and thus, they can rot. If you want to get the best results during harvest, make sure that you take immediate steps once you have obtained your cannabis seeds.

You can store marijuana seeds for three years at most. Some have managed to keep their seeds for seven years, but that’s very rare. This is because the viability of the seed decreases every passing year.

To keep the quality of your seeds, make sure to store it properly. You should follow the guide below in preserving cannabis seeds.

1. Keep cannabis seeds in low temperature

Temperature is one factor that affects the germination of the seed. High heat causes the seed to germinate, leaving it to rot in storage. To avoid this from happening, keep the temperature low, at about five degrees Celsius at the very most.

Keep them in a cool place and away from heat, as heat may trigger the seeds to start germinating. Some people like to store their cannabis seeds in a fridge or freezer.

2. Keep cannabis seeds away from light

Bright light can signal your seeds to wake up and grow, which will make them start germinating. In some cases, the light won’t help germinate the seeds, but it will damage the seeds and make them no longer viable.

Put your seeds in an opaque container that blocks out all forms of light. Then, place the container in a cool place.

3. Keep cannabis seeds as dry as possible

Seeds split open and develop their root system when there’s enough moisture present. To avoid that, always keep the seeds dry. Ideally, the humidity level should not be more than five percent, regardless if you’re preserving cannabis seeds for the short or long term. Additionally, humidity can cause your seeds to rot and be unviable.

4. Keep cannabis seeds in an airtight container

Lastly, to prevent your seeds from germinating, as much as possible, make sure not to expose the seeds to oxygen. Doing this also prevents pathogens from infesting your seeds. The best thing you can do is to store the seed in an airtight or any vacuum-sealed container.

Once your cannabis seeds are stored, make sure that you label each strain. Avoid opening the containers before planting, as this will ruin the entire preservation process. This will only waste all the time and effort you put into preserving them properly.


You can preserve cannabis for up to three years, and it will remain viable. To prevent your seeds from rotting while in storage, make sure to follow the standards of preserving cannabis seeds. Keep your seeds in a low temperature, away from light, and dry in an airtight container.

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