JANESVILLE, Wis. — The Rock County Board has passed an ordinance that sets the penalty for possessing 28 grams of cannabis or less to a maximum fine of $1.

Rock County Supervisor Jacob Taylor proposed the change following the 2018 Marijuana Advisory Referendum, where there was overwhelming voter support for legalizing cannabis for recreational uses.

“This is but a baby step in the right direction, cannabis remains illegal in Rock County,” Taylor said in a post Thursday. “Additionally, this change only affects enforcement from the Rock County Sheriff’s office. The penalty remains unaltered for the police departments in our cities and towns. I hope that these municipalities will follow county leadership and consider altering their own cannabis laws, and I hope that the county will take additional steps toward decriminalizing marijuana.”

Rock County is not authorized to distribute legal marijuana, but Taylor said the county “can minimize our participation in the enforcement of a law voters so strongly oppose.”


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