The Cannabis industry is getting bigger each year. The public is becoming more intrigued and curious about how it could help in many ways. Google searches regarding CBD or Cannabidiol, in particular, is growing and each month, over 5 million Google searches for CBD occur.

The hype for the use of CBD-infused products has started when the majority of the states in the US finally allowed its medicinal use. Currently, 33 states already allow the use of medical marijuana. The other 17 states have already allowed the use of CBD products that only have THC levels of less than 0.5 percent.

With more places in the world welcoming the use of hemp and CBD, such products are becoming more available to many. Some would even grow their own plants at home for their own consumption. Seeds can now be easily purchased from dispensaries and even online from i49.

With the legislation of its use, more and more companies and businesses have started to come up with different products that could get the public’s attention. Nowadays, you can buy CBD products like oil, tablets, and even powder.

Even food and drinks are now CBD-infused. You can now buy chocolates, coffee, and even other types of drinks that have this. The beauty industry is also adapting and brands like Milani now have products with this too.

Initially, the use of CBD products was allowed for the treatment of specific types of epilepsy. However, many people claim that such products have other benefits and are useful in many ways. Some now take CBD as a supplement. Even pet owners use such products on their pets too.

There are also claims that CBD can help treat stress and anxiety. Some also use this for nausea relief. This is why many cancer patients who are undergoing chemo are known to use this. 

There have always been questions about the efficacy of these products. After all, there haven’t been many studies that can really prove how effective the use of CBD is in different ways. A research director at the UCLA Cannabis Initiative said that they don’t really have much information just yet on what the effects of CBD are.

Cooper also said that beyond the FDA-approved uses, there are studies that found how CBD can help with alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, schizophrenia, and opioid use disorder. It’s important to note that when these studies were conducted, higher doses of CBD had to be administered to the patients. Such doses are really not available on dispensaries and products yet.

Another noteworthy angle is that there are also researches, that are still in the early stages, that suggest how high doses of CBD could have adverse effects on the liver and gastrointestinal system.

Despite its popularity, there haven’t still much more scientific research that should be conducted. However, since this industry is becoming and bigger, more studies are now on the works. Researchers seem to not only focus on CBD alone but also on the other components of the plant where it comes from.

Recently, researchers have found that CBD can potentially block fear-related memories. This would work as a preventative solution to severe psychological trauma. This means that this can be used on people who are suffering from PTSD.

The study happened in Brazil involved rats. The scientists used the traumatic fear conditioning paradigm to check on how CBD will impact the traumatic shock that the animals have. It was directly injected on the hippocampus area of the rats’ brains.

What scientists found is that the effect of CBD on these animals would last for up to one hour. With this, it can be potentially developed as a drug that could be administered to people with PTSD. Still, more research is necessary for this to happen.

 It’s important that businesses in this industry advertise the use of CBD products carefully and safely. The FDA allows its distribution as a natural food supplement. They are vigilant about manufacturers that claim how CBD can be an effective cure for illnesses and diseases.

Responsible CBD manufacturers are also bothered by such practices. They know that such claims can hurt the industry. Cooper from UCLA also said something about the labeling of CBD products. She said, “Little is also known about the accuracy of labeling of many CBD products and how CBD may interact with other drugs a patient is taking. “

She added, “In ten years, hopefully, we’ll have a different picture of what’s going on.”


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