An application for a new cannabis retail store in Waterdown is in progress with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

The store, which would be called Grass Station, is proposed to be located at 53 Dundas St. E., Suite 2.

AGCO spokesperson Raymond Kahnert said in an email the application was filed by H.O.W. Medical Solutions Ltd., and the public notice period for the application was open from April 23 to May 7. He said for privacy reasons the AGCO can only release information posted on its website as part of the application or public notice period.

Kahnert said the due diligence and eligibility process for the application will continue, but the exact date it will be complete is not known. He added the licensing process has two stages: the applicant must have applied for, or received, a Retail Operator Licence and the applicant or licensee must submit an application for a Retail Store Application for the proposed location.

“Before issuing a licence to any operator, the AGCO undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the applicant and all interested parties, including police and background checks,” he said. “The AGCO will only license applicants who meet all legal and regulatory requirements.”

Kahnert said he was not aware of any other Waterdown applications.

The Grass Station location was originally incorrectly posted on the AGCO website, showing the proposed store in a residential home on Dundas Street in Dundas. The error brought two objections before being corrected on Friday, April 24.

— with files from Mike Pearson


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