Banana Split (Luna) Cannabis Strain Review | #AuroraCannabis Legal Weed Canada 2018

Hey everyone Mike here and We have another Great strain to try out today. Here we have Luna AKA Banana Split from Aurora Cannabis. This strain is now offered to the recreation market and is available on the website and I will post the link below to help you find it easier.

Banana split is a indica dominant hybrid strain. Its lineage is a cross between OG kush and banana Kush. This particular batch has a THC percentage of 14.7 so mid range but still decent.. So lets take a closer look at this bud, it has a beautiful light green appearance, literally just covered in tons of red hairs and sticky trichomes. The smell that comes off of this bud is amazing. I am going to post the terpine profile here for you so you can take a look yourselves but You really get that earthy tone like you get from OG kush but also that sweet fruity smell you get from banana kush, its a great mix overall.
I am pretty impressed with Aurora overall They have really been showing us that they can cultivate some great cannabis…… Out of all of the cannabis Aurora sells I would place this near the top right under Sour Tangie for overall smell and taste. I still have not tried their MK ultra but as it stands now this is where I place it. This is one solid tasting bud though…. The only thing I wish was a little higher of course would be the thc %…Now saying that, it does still hit you pretty good for 14.7% Ive tried this in the bong vape and joint and every way I try it I love it, its one of my new favorites from Aurora.

Ontario Cannabis Store Banana Split Link :


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