ST. LOUIS – BeLeaf Medical, a St. Louis based medical marijuana company, is the first cultivation facility in the state to pass inspection and start growing.

BeLeaf President Kevin Riggs explained cultivation as the process of taking the plant from a seed to the point where you pluck the flower. He said it will take about 90 to 120 days before we will see the plants they are growing on dispensary store shelves.

Riggs said they will cultivate up to 75 different strains of marijuana, and hopefully their products will go to dispensaries all over the state.

BeLeaf also has the licensing to open dispensaries. Riggs said their first one to open will be in St. Peters sometime in the next 90 days. He said within the next three to six months we will probably see dispensaries opening all over the state.

BeLeaf is looking to hire about 100 new employees. You can learn more about those positions here


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