MACOMB — Aldermen voted this week to amend city cannabis and drug paraphernalia laws in light of the state’s 2020 cannabis recreation law.

The ordinance amendment specifies that possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis in flower form, 167 milligrams of THC in a cannabis infused product, 1.67 grams of cannabis concentrate, or any cannabis purchased illegally is against the law.

The amended ordinance strikes reference to the Illinois Cannabis Control Act but retains references to the Illinois Controlled Substances Act and the Illinois Hypodermic Syringes and Needles Act for possession of drug paraphernalia. A minimum fine of $750 would continue to be assessed for drug paraphernalia possession.

Council members also discussed a pending ordinance to legalize cannabis consumption establishments. Licensing and regulation would mirror Macomb’s current tavern licensing.

This week’s city council committee of the whole meeting also featured an annual report presentation from Downtown Development Director Kristin Terry. She said $2 million was reinvested in the downtown this year by business owners making improvements to their stores.

Terry said the downtown is currently at 96 percent occupancy. “67-cents out of every dollar stays in the community when you patronize these small businesses,” she said.

The downtown development director also participated in 26 events, panels, or interviews at Western Illinois University and had 17 students working in her office this year. Mayor Mike Inman said Terry’s work with WIU is a great city investment. “I think it’s huge,” he said.

Terry noted that the city had sent her to the International Town and Gown Association Conference in Pennsylvania and that the state had sponsored her attendance at the Community Development Institute Conference. She said she had assisted nine downtown stores with improvements this year and is working on bringing two more stores to the downtown in 2020.

“It’s great to see all the business downtown,” said Alderman John Vigezzi.

Terry responded, “I’m happy and so proud of where Macomb is right now. We’re far ahead of many Illinois communities.”


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