In depth look at all 9 Plants flowering under the 500w Optic 8+ Dimmable COB.
-Dutch Passion Glueberry OG
-Dutch Passion Blueberry
– Humbold Seed org Blue Dream

100W COB LED Grow – Optic 1 XL – 2 Autos

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Video Documentary of a legal medical cannabis grow

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Optic 1 XL 100w Grow Week4 Flower
Optic 8+ Grow – 9 Autos – Day#44

COB LED Grow Lights Seen in this Video:

Optic 1 XL 100w CXB3590 COB – $249.00
– Flowers: 2′ x 2′ .6m x .6m or 2.5×2.5 / .75m x .75m

Optic 1 VEG (Veg Coverage 3′ x 3′ / .9mx.9m) $179.00

Optic 8+ 500w Dimmable COB LED – 120 degree – 5×5 area $1249

Other CREE COB LEDs from Optic
Optic 1 54w COB LED (flowers 2’x2′ / .65m x 6m) – $179.00

Optic 2 205w COB LED (flowers 2’x3′ / .6mx.9m) – $275.00

Optic 4 415w COB LED (flowers 3’x3′ / .9m x.9m) – $499.00

Optic 6 620w COB LED (flowers 4’x4′ / 1.2m x 1.2m) – $699.00

Recommended Garden Supplies
Mykos Mychrorizae $21

24 7 Garden Smart Pots (5 pack for $12)

Inkbird Environment controller (Digital Thermostat) $34

4″ Rockwool cubes on 4-pack $11

Autopilot CO2 Monitor $102

Advaced Nutrients

GH Cocotek Coco Coir (5kg brick for $16)

Optic LED Grow Lights Online store

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-The Cannabis Patient Protection Act codified into RCW 69.51A
Chapter 69.51A RCW:

.This is a Age Restricted video for people above the age 21. This is a documentary channel that documents the life of a mmj patient who legally produces his own medicine


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