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Everything you need to know, there’s some other knowledge not mentioned
but this cover quite a lot, not saying your going to need everything mentioned or as good as the things mentioned, the better..the better@!

Cannabinoid Oil known as Cannabis Oil and many others, cures disease such as cancer, indeed it does. People will always claim, argue, complain, deny that ingesting- meaning eating orally- Cannabis Oil will not cure because they have not/ will not allow room in their brain for new information, new truth.
Most assume we mean smoking Cannabis cures disease or they don’t understand what processes are triggered by ingesting Cannabis Oil, ones that promote cancer cell death… to these people we say research more, and stop letting ignorance ruin your ways of belief. People are dying because some still believe this is a joke, hoax or myth, that’s incredibly sad. Share this video and visit our facebook page:

usually 1 LB of cannabis BUDS, not stems/roots or leaves. try to have ALL 1 lb of just buds and then if you have extra leaves/ stems add them in, you want roughly 60 grams of oil and 1 lb of buds will give you that usually, try to use good grown cannabis, you dont want poorly lit grown Cannabis as its Cannabinoid levels will be low, the higher the Cannabinoid count the better as your oil will be more “potent” in medicinal “power”. ingest the 60 grams in no more than 2-3 months, ingesting it when ever you can but you must try to stay able to walk around… you dont want to flood your system with too many Cannabinoids, you want an efficient amount binding to the CB receptor locations and releasing CB receptors so that an efficient amount is always binding to cancerous sites, or areas or healing… you want the maximum amount of PCD(Programmed Cell Death) possible at all times to turn off cancer effectively, so you do this by taking the right amount, some argue this is not important but it is, ingest as much as you can without feeling so high you feel drunk or that you cant walk around or that you may pass out AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN without feeling so high you feel drunk or that you cant walk around or that you may pass out. You may need to work or you may need to go to school, so you need to stand up, im not really sure about going to school on this, lol, if you have cancer and your trying to cure it you shouldnt go to school anyways, stay home.. but as long as you can walk around and speak proper language then your Endocannabinoid system is receiving the correct amount of Cannabinoids. So depending on your tolerance level and everyones is different i promise you- the average amount per dose to take is very small, the size of a grain of rice to the size of a penny, all depends on you, start by trying some lol and enjoy your first time. if your feel like you can take more take more and see if you can still walk around after 15 mins, keep taking if you can, if you get incredibly high and pass out or just feel uncomfortable let it ware off completely and take a shade less than before, once you find this perfect amount for you, youve found your regular dose, take this in the morning as soon as you wake up. once you feel it gone, and it usually takes a couple-few hours, take another dose, once again- depending on your tolerance level- you may have to wait until lunch time to take another one, some might be ready to take another dose at say 10am? depends right.. and then keep taking them up until bed time. and at night its ok to take a bigger dose as your going to sleep anyways and most wont set an alarm or wake up for one to take a dose at night, although that would be ideal.. but for the first few days try to lock this routine down, make sure your not taking to much and not too little, as weeks pass sometimes even days, your tolerance level will rise, just like people who smoke cannabis, you’ll be able to ingest more of it at any given time, so start increasing your dose amounts or times per day you administer the doses, remember taking as much as you can as often as you can this is ensuring that there’s always action of shutdown happening in the cells that contain YOUR CANCER. To ingest as much as you can as often as you can, with an alarm at night time even, 60 grams, maybe 50-maybe 70.. until cancer is gone and then finish the remaining oil to ensure cancer does not return, this takes about 1-2-3 months depending on YOU.

So 1 lb makes about 60 grams of high grade potent anti tumor/cancer Cannabis Oil and it takes about 1-2-3 months to ingest it, you do this for serious forms of cancers and serious other disease, this will eradicate the disease. Depending on your cancer or disease, you may need much less oil or you may need more, and it also depends on if your taking the oil correctly, slower healing times or no healing at all will sometimes happen if your not taking as much oil as you can as often as you can.


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